Anthrocon Report

an update? ... yes... something like this doesn't feel right for the normally technical Blogger site... and I'm not about to put this up on Gamenikki (editor would never clear it)... and unlike E3 which turned out to be very good to MepisGuides... Anthrocon was more of a "real" vacation... only it wasn't.

Movie / DVD / TV

Recently the creators behind Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy, Hideo Kojima and Tetsuya Nomura, talked with Japanese Ge-Maga. That interview was partially translated by IGN. Due to my extreme dislike for IGN I have chosen to not link the translated parts. However, one of Kojima's statements stood out. Kojima compared the Playstation3 to a movie theatre, said the Xbox 360 "is watching a DVD at home" and then proceeded to state that "Wii is a television program".

Right off hand I don't think Kojima really has all his marbles together to begin with. Metal Gear Solid 2 wasn't exactly known for having a cohesive plot, and while Metal Gear Solid 3 was much better, it wasn't Resident Evil 4.

Then there is the problem with the statement itself. Think about movie theaters for a second, or rather ticket sales. They've been falling for several years and it wasn't until recently that the MPAA and many theater groups finally admitted that ticket sales were falling because they just couldn't make movies people wanted to go see, or pay full ticket price for. Following Kojima's logic he wants to equate the Playstation3 with a business that's been failing and has trouble drawing customers?

I don't think Kojima want's to compare the Xbox 360 to DVD either. DVD movies sell well because they do allow the consumer the opportunity to enjoy the movie at their convience, not at the convience of a 3rd party like a movie theater. DVD movies also allow consumers wider choices of movie genre's. Movies that wouldn't do well in a theater can make a killing on DVD. So, the Xbox 360 is more convient than the Playstation3, and will probably have a wider variety of content. That's enough to sell me.

Then there is the comparision to the television. The same argument that runs with the DVD's stack up. The television is much more convient, and with DVR's, becomes an ultimate source of entertainment. Satellite and Cable companies can make a killing on select cable channels and have the potential to deliver wider content at the pleasure of the consumer, including High Definition Content.

While I realize that Kojima's comparision was in relation to the quality of the product, the rest of the parrellels add in a manner not favorable to the Playstation3. The sheer expense of the theater experience makes it unjustifiable to most consumers who will only go out for really big, and really good, productions. DVD and Television offer convience at the consumers pace, and at the consumers price.

In some cases, I think Sony is better keeping their favorite developers from speaking. This is one of them.

2nd goodbye

well, here we go again. By this time tomorrow, we could be blocked out from here. Ah well, 3 years in Cox, however many countless chats over the years. To those who came before, Julius, Jane, Balt, Guy, Andrea, Wit-Cody, Angela, Gina, Pat, and Daryl we'll miss you. I'm not sure what the final words should be. Goodbye? Goodnight? Catch you on the flipside?

It's been fun, of that there is no doubt. But sometimes the fun, it does have to end. And now, it ends too soon. For now the hour is up, the time is done. For I am gone, for one more night, for one more day. The words to say see you later, fail me at this time. What words I have, would never be enough.


for Cox Talk chat

So it ends. Not with a bang, but a retired modem

it's almost 3 years to the week. I started this livejournal back on Wednesday, May 21st, 2003, after I had been accepted into training for Sitel to work for Cox Communications. I don't really remember it that well, just that I had gotten back home from E3, and on that saturday the call came in asking if I wanted the job. I believe it was the 10th. On the 12th I quit my job at Burger King, and on the 19th I began white collar work for Sitel.

I originally created the blog with intents to mirror Jet Wolfe's Operators Standing by, and many of the original posts stood by this. As time went on though the calls became more repetitive, and there wasn't any thing I could really write about without either exposing client data, or repeating what I had already written.

Now, after 3 years, it's over. Cox Project is finished. I still work at Sitel, but Cox is no longer here. Our service contract was sold along with sections of the Cox Communications market Cox no longer felt like dealing with, or at least that is my take on it. Today, when I walk into work, I am now an employee of Cequel III by the proxy of Sitel, supporting Suddenlink internet.

Part of me wants to curl up and cry. As much as I hated Cox, as much as I hated the hoops we were forced to jump through, it's 3 years of my life. You don't just throw that away without thought. Several of the friends I made through Cox's internal chat program, I'll probably never chat with again. Our schedules and locations really didn't prove conducive to anything outside of work, aside from the occasional City of Villains jaunt.

Part of me wants to scream in fustration. Just... because. I have no social life and I'm on a dead end track it seems. I don't have anywhere to go, and I don't know what I want to do now. I'm just... existing... from day to day.

Part of me wants to jump for joy, realizing that I'll never have to deal with Las Vegas or Phoenix Arizona again. From what I gather, the hoops we had to jump through with Cox, really arn't there with SuddenLink. We have a much smaller overall market, and we have near equal access to the systems.

yet, I realize that I'm still going to be dealing with the same people I've dealt wth for the past 3 years. I am going to be dealing with people who can't plug a modem in. I'm going to be dealing with people who do not evacuate when a hurricane runs into town. I am going to be dealing with people who already had one forced email change in January, that are going to have to change their email again when Suddenlink hardlaunches their service.

I'm not looking forward to it, at all.

... so

I guess I'll just curl up, whimper, and take the next day as it comes. For some reason, that just seems to be the easist way for now.

System issue and the mental picture you never wanted to hear.

me: positively lousy
one of my systems developed a MBR issue.
7:33 PM SW: Ew. x_x
7:37 PM me: yeah.
7:38 PM went home from work yesterday morning. Walked in. computer is off. I know I didn't turn it off.
turn it on. It loads up the Win2k screen, and right when the blue bar hits the middle. Stops. The upper blue "processing" bar is moving, but the status bar is not.
wait 30 minutes... still stuck.
7:39 PM restart into safe mode. Run spybot and ad-aware. Run AVG and Bitdefender. Reboot. Same thing.
Restart in safe mode, use Spybot to uncheck all items in start up registry. Reboot. 5 minutes later windows actually loads.
update all security programs. rescan. reboot. System loads up.
7:40 PM use spybot to re-enable the startup registry. System freezes up again
decide to repair windows. Repair console is unable to locate Windows OS.
attempt to reinstall. Reinstall completes initial load. On reboot "Kernel unable to load DLL's"
7:44 PM SW: x_x
7:45 PM Sounds like you've got some fun cut out for you. :/
7:48 PM me: fun it was.
wound up having to install Windows on ANOTHER hard-drive, then go in and remove all system files from the first hard-drive
7:49 PM I've gotten Win2k re-installed and up, but nothing really loaded.
7:59 PM SW: But you've got it working!
8:03 PM That must give you some sense of satisfaction?
8:06 PM me: in so much as putting on a school girl outfit and finding cthulu would give me satisfaction. In other words. No. It didn't.

alright. After this converstation I got back home and proceeded to go to work on the computer. Succesfully I thought, I got SP4 loaded, and DX9c. However, when I started to try to load additional programs, I kept getting binary errors. I managed to force the ethernet driver to load through the Windows Device Manger, and pulled a valid ip address. However, I was unable to renew the adapter due to the error message that "No adapters were bound to dhcp." I was also unable to ping anything. So I went to disable the network adapter... and the system shut off.

Boot back up. NTDLR is gone. Attempt to reinstall windows again, the partition is damaged.

Load up Mepis LIVE CD and I'm able to access the hard-drive. However... I should clarify that. The data was "there". Mepis was able to determine that the file sizes on the drive had not changed. However... the files themselves... were not there. Itunes? Gone. All the anime pictures? gone. All of my benchmarks? gone. All of my updates and files? Gone.

now, if you'll excuse me, I have a date with Cthulu and Sailor Moon's tailor. It's got to be more fun than trying to rebuild my primary system

Plan of attack to reclaim control of oil

Alright, the following editorial is my plan for what the world needs to do in order to regain control of out-of-control oil prices. Due to the content of the editorial it is being placed behind a cut. Now, I do need to make it clear that this is what I believe does need to happen. I realize that many of the potential readers will disagree catagorically with many of the ideas presented forth. However, I would hope that you take the time to research the implied actions on your own and make your own choices in regards to this. It is my hope that those who read it will realize that at this point, there are no other options than the ones expoused.